McGinn Landscaping - Earthwork Yard and Plant Installation


The perfect complement to your house is a fresh landscape and yard.

Whether it is in conjunction with a new wall or patio, or you are just looking to update the look of your house, we are able to tailor your landscaping to fit your budget and desired amount of maintenance.

An outdated and overgrown landscape can take away from your home’s beauty. We love to work with clients to design and install a landscape plan that fits their needs. Installs can vary from low maintenance to very high maintenance. Whether you would like a simple handful of plants installed, or hundreds of plants and trees installed, we can update your property. Most plants that we recommend to install are deer resistant.

If your yard is destroyed from a construction project, years of neglect, or if you are looking to make a hillside or woods into a new yard space, we are able to transform your space into a lush usable yard.

McGinn Landscaping - Earthwork Grading and Lawn Installation

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